BBIA Face Makeup

  • BBIA Downy Cheeks

    – Contains natural ingredients for moisturizing: jojoba, sweet almond, grape seed oil

    – Born by inspiring on baby’s cheek, the most lovely creamy blusher in the world.

    – Create flawless and poreless baby’s cheek with creamy soft texture.

    – Specialized 5 colors without darkening and flushing.

  • BBIA Last Blush

    – Smooth as velvet.

    – Create perfect eye look with one stroke

    – Containing rich pigments, keeps brilliant color all day long.

    – Use for base and blend in other shades for various make up look.

  • BBIA Last Blush 4XL

    • Best Natural Colors
    • 4 times the size
    • Ultra fine and light texture
    • Easy blending
  • BBIA Last Concealer

    • Excellent Coverage like applied skin correction
    • Light finish that blends well with skin tone
    • Long lasting and bright all day long!
  • BBIA Last Contouring

    • Light Texture that feels comfortable
    • Optimized for Asian Skin Tone
    • Easily blend with other color to create your own look
  • BBIA Last Corrector

    • Perfect color control for all areas of your face
    • Ultra light texture with moisturizing formula
    • Bright and Radiant all day long!
  • BBIA Spa Foundation

    – Luminous finish with carbonic acid water contained rich of mineral from Jeju.

    – Long lasting and water proof effect with W/S TYPE EMULSION

    – Clear skin without darkening and clamminess.

    – Apply with moisture and delivers freshness to your skin.

  • BBIA Spa Long Wear Cushion

    • Triple Functionality (SPF 50+/PA+++, Wrinkle Improvement, Skin Whitening/Brightening)
    • Ultra light texture for comfortable feel
    • Fits naturally to your skin
    • Long Lasting Excellent Coverage
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